What is the right driving position?

The right position implies sitting up straight with the back fully adjoined to the seat. Besides, it should be easy for a driver to reach the pedals with his feet with his slightly bent hands placed on the steering wheel.

Such position the most natural for a person; it helps the driver not to feel fatigue on long journeys, and provides a clear overview, as well as requires less effort while driving.

When the seat is placed too far back from the steering wheel, the driver's back has no support and his muscles are strained all the time. In addition, relatively weak forearm and hand muscles get the most load, while the more powerful shoulder muscles are underused, what reduces the range of possible motion. Inefficient distribution of the arm muscles load can also occur when the steering wheel angle is too low.

When the seat is installed too far from the pedals, the driver has to catch up to them constantly holding on to the steering wheel, what prevents from the option to turn rapidly. Besides in such a situation the visibility is poor.

It's not very good also when the seat is installed too close to the wheel. The driver has to bend his legs so that it's becoming difficult to control the pedals. Hands, in their turn, can't get the free control over the steering wheel is such a position.

The level of the driver's muscle force while pressing the pedal changes depending on the back cushion angle as well as on the height of the seat. If it is too low, the driver strains his back and neck muscles raising his chin. If it is too high the driver has to bow his head, what leads to the fatigue of the shoulder muscles and hampers the process of breathing. With the right angle of the seat cushion the efforts to control the pedals can be reduced by 15-20%. The distance from the edge of the seat to the driver's knees should be at least 15% of the length of the thigh.

Decreasing this distance may cause dysfunction of the foot as a result of blood vessels and nerves compression in the hip area. The higher the seat, the smaller the angle should a cushion have. Sometimes, trying to make it more comfortable the depth of the cushions is enhanced what results in limited freedom of movement of the driver's feet.

The back of the seat should be vertical; it should have a certain inclination so that the body weight is distributed more favorably on the seat and back, and the hip muscles are relaxed. However, the excessive back angle of the driver's seat makes it uncomfortable to drive the car.

In this case, even though his back has certain support, the lower part of the backbone, muscles, neck and arms have excessive strain. The leg muscles are overloaded as well, because they don't have enough support. That's why a seemingly comfortable driving position can make feel tired very quickly, and the driver's attention is reduced.

The procedure for adjusting the seat is the following: first it is necessary to push it so that it can be easy to reach the pedals with your feet and to place hands comfortably on the steering wheel, and only then to change the angle of the seat.

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Nik 2014-04-19 15:10:39
I know correct driving position. It is the hands position at "10 and 2 o'clock" on the steering wheel.

Rey 2014-04-19 14:56:15
The correct sitting posture enables good driving!  :)

Rey 2014-04-19 14:48:53
Observe proper driving position Ólways. It allows to drive the car comfortably.

Lina 2014-03-23 14:48:28
What is a good driving position? I spend a long time behind the wheel. Therefore it is very important for me.

Nik 2014-02-18 02:08:11
I think all drivers must know the best driving position


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